Sunday, February 17, 2008


Well if losing weight was as easy as gaining it life would be dream! I got down 9 pounds and it toook 5 LONG weeks to do that and then in 1 short week I gained 3 pounds. It is just not fair!!! So rather than list you my excuses cause that is al they are I am back to the drawing board! I have such a hard time losing weight. I have tried so many times over and over and over and over again! I have tried every diet there is and Weight Watchers is the only one tht I have ever lost weight on. However I always gain it back. I really want to lose it this time and keep it off. I have never gotten to my goal weight and I would like to do that this time too. So as of today I am starting over again. Back to recording EVERYTHING I eat. I HAVE got to also start to really exersize and not just play at it. I have to get on the tredmill and walk for at least a half hour not just five or ten measly minutes! If anyone is reading this please pray with me for this time in my life. It is very very hard for me and I get very moody and frstrated. I do know that through all things Christ strengths me! I know to lean on the Lord and he will lead me also. Thanks for your help and for listening to me babble!

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