Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Tense and Scary Night!

Tuesda Febraury 5th, 2008 in Jackson, TN was a very tense and scary night for my family and myself. We were home watching the weather on TV that eveing and the stoms were being reported. The report was to take cover at the time. When all of the sudden the electricty went out and I said "I think it is time to go sit down here in the hall way". I walked to the end of the hall way and sat down as did the rest of my family. Jennifer (my daughter) and I were sitting with our backs up against a bedroom door when we felt a breeze come under the door. I said "that was really weird I felt air come under the door like a breee" and Jennifer replied "I did too". She then moved a pillow behind her back. As we were sitting there listening to the weather radio hearing what was happening I said "This is very scary". We heard hail hitting the house loudly and the wind blowing by loudly and then it was just very quiet. It was very eary. Al my husband said that he felt the house shake. Soon after I said "can we get up now". The tornado sirens were still going off and the wind was blowing but it was much qwuieter than it just had been. We all got up and went out the front door first to see what had happened. The front yeard looked fine however when we went into the back yard we saw that our back gate had been swung open and our shed that had been behind our garage had been thrown up across the backyard. The items that were in the shed were still on the shleves in the place where the shed had once been. It was quite a scene to see. It was scary to know that the tornado or at least the very strong wind had come that close to our home. There was a second set of storms that came through just 3 hours later and we were all very thankful that it was just rain and thurnderstroms. The kids and I went out the next day to see the damage that had been done around us and there was some very extreme damage all around us to homes and businesses. The worst damage was done to Union University about 3 miles from our home. The dorms there have been destroyed and by a miracle all the students about 1200 or them were rescued and all are still alive. It is a night that we here in Jackson, TN will remember for years to come. It is a night that I never want to live through again. I praise God for protecing my family and many of our friends!

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Kathi said...

I am so very glad you are okay. I have been seeing some of the damage to the University on TV - to say it was bad is an understatement.