Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Contemplating Mother's Day

WOW when I sit and think about Mother's Day what an ironic day for me. I have a Birth mother who wants nothing to do with me and has rejected me twice in my life now. Sad but I live with it and go on. Just the way it is. I have an adoptive Mom that loves me deeply and I would not trade for the world. She is the Mom that God gave me and blessed me with I am so thankful for her. She has always been there for me all my life! I have a step-son that is great! I love him as my own son. He has a wonderful wife that I love as my own daughter. They have our first Grandson and he is the BEST!!! So that makes me a grandmother too. I have a birthdaughter that I have not yet met. I hope one day to meet her and be a part of her life. I also have a daughter and a son that are still here at home with me. So Mother's Day is a very big day for me! Just some thoughts I have had today! I hope all of you Mother's have a great day!!!! :-)


a portland granny said...

Dear Margie,
You have lots to think about with this mothering thing, but aren't we all blessed that we are part of the family of God and know for sure, through the Lord Jesus, Who our Father is????

Thanks for the note you left me on my blog. Its always encouraging to hear from you.

Can't believe that Mother's Day is almost here.

How are your plans for going back to work? Will that be hard for you to do?

We both have lots to be thankful for. You for the three great kids you were able to raise, and me for the great kids the Lord gave me to raise.

Grandson, Elliot, is coming for the week-end, so we shall have a great time. I love that little boy with all of my heart.

Take care,

Kathi said...

Mother's Day is always bittersweet to me. I am so happy to be Andy's Mom, but I really miss my Mom. I think she would have really loved Andy to pieces.

You are a great Mom. Happy Mother's Day!

Joanne said...

What a great reminder for me that I am so blessed. My husband adopted my two oldest children. I know from experience that the cement that binds our hearts has nothing to do with DNA or genetics, it is completely and wholly LOVE.

So happy I stopped by for my first time.

Blessings, Joanne