Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Long Sad Week!

Well we ent to church as we do every Sunday. Just before our Pasto got upo to speak it was announced that we had a tradgity within our church. As it turned out Fred a dentist here was out in Colorado with his family ad on Friday he died suddenly. That was announced and many of us were shocked. He was a health strong man only 37 years old. He left his wife and 3 young children 8, 2 and 5 weeks old. I had the 2 year old in our 1 year old nursery and it was not that long ago that Jack moved up to the 2 year old nursery. Jack is a sweet little boy and he loved to ciuddle and give kisses. He was one of my very favorite kids in that class. I know we are not suupose to have favorites but sometimes you get an extra special kids that attaches to you and that is just what Jack did. Anyway we will miss His Dad Fre deeply. They had moved to Colorado and were there for only one week and then Fred was gone to be with the Lord. The funeral was on Thursday morning and it was quite hard to get through. Marion was so strong and did so well seeing everyone as they come up to speak to her. I know it was so terribly difficult for her. As she told me she has lost her best friend the love of her life! I pray for her now and will continue to pray for her for the weeks and months as they come.

Then on Tuesday we found out about a very good friend of ours whose brother died. He was much older but it was still a sad time. WE went to the visitation and saw our friends. I hugged Lamette and we cried together. This was hard because we are so clost to Bobby and Lanette and we have not seem them in quite a while. I too pray for them and hope to get together more often in the futre with Bobby and Lanette.

I also learned from this tough week. I was sick on Friday and Saturday with a cough and a terrible sore throat and coiuld not talk. So I had lots of time to think. I really need to appriciate my husband and my family. You never know when one fo them might leave this earth. I realized that I take my husband and my children for granted so many times. I really want to work on not doing that. It is also very very importatnt to take lots andlots of pictures. For those pictures will one day be the only memories we have left and they will be treasured more than we can even now at this time.

So as we go into a new week I pray it will be a happier week. Gos bless us all!!!

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a portland granny said...

What a sad week. I'm so sorry for those families that were touched in such a hard way--especially that little widow. Will she be back or will she stay in Denver? Seems like she needs a strong support system and you would be a great one to come along side of her.
I hope you are feeling better. Did you take another job? You have never mentioned it, so I am guessing that you did not?

These weeks are so hard in our lives. Trust that you can find God's peace in all of the sadness.

Did you send a birthday card for your oldest girl's birthday?

Hope to hear from you soon.