Monday, September 29, 2008


We are going to be adding a new member to our family! Yes we are going to be adopting an older child soon...hopefully! Allan and I have even picked out a girl that we found online, she is 14 and very cute. We have applied and are waiting for a local person to contact us about getting the process started. We know very little about Nikkie at this time. We know she is here in TN, she is 14 and that she is adoptable. I have wanted to adopt for many years now however I always wanted to adopt a small child and Allan has always wanted to adopt an older child. In the last few weeks God impressed upon me that we are to adopt an older child. We are very excited about this prospect. We told Jennifer and Andrew on Sat. and they took it very well. We are also in the process of working on adding another bedroom to our home for our new daughter. As most of you know I was adopted and I also placed a daughter for adoption 27 years ago and I have always wanted to adopt to complete the triad. So it looks like God is now going to bless that wish and desire in my life. For the last year or so I have not felt like I am done being a Mom and have been praying for god to show me what He has for me. I now know and I am so very excited to know that soon I will have a new daughter to be a Mom to. I will be here for her when she comes home from school, I will be here for her when she needs a Mom to talk to I will be here to be her Mom and to just love her. Anyway please pray with us as we take this giant step and continue to follow God's leading.


Redheadmamaof7boys said...

How exciting!!
THanks for sharing!

How was the party???

Amy D. said...

That is awesome, Margie! Don't forget I have a 14-yr. old boy for See you tomorrow!