Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting Ready for Vacation

As we are getting ready for vacation we ha some bad news yesterday. Someone got hold of Allan's debit card number and made themselves a card and charged up over $1500 with it. We now can not use his card till he gets a new one in the next two weeks. It is so frustrating and makes you feel totally violated. We have been stoeln from. It was all done in Georgia. We are thankful that we had money in our savings account and that we had already taken out cash for the trip. We also have a credit card that we can use. God always watches out for us! Anyway we are so looking forward to our trip to Disney World. We will spend the first four night at Disney and the last three nights on a Disney cruise. We hope for no hurricanes! This is our trip to celebrate our 25 years of marriage. God has always been at the center of our marriage and we are thankful for that and blessed by that. If it had not been for God we may not have made it together for 25 years. We have had many up and downs but God has brought us through it all and we know that HE alwasy will. We pray together almost every ight together berfore we go to bed and I treasure that time we have together each night. I thank God for blessing me with the wonderful husband that he gave me in Allan!


a portland granny said...

You must be on vacation. It will be fun to see your pics when you return. I hope you are having a wonderful time--Say hello to Mickey for me!

a portland granny said...

Hi, just a 'head's up' to let you know in tomorrow's post, I've tagged you! I wasn't excited about it myself, but it was kinda fun.

Hope you will soon share some stories about your wonderful vacation..