Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Depression what a roller coaster

Oh my what a day today has been. I was doing great today I got my hair colored, highlighted and trimmed and it was so fun. It looks great. Then all afternoon off and on I have been in tears. It is so crazy how your brain can do that. It has boggled my mind for many years now. I am on meds for the depression and then some days just go haywire. Oh well such is life. It can be so frustrating though. Have had all kinds of crazy things going through my thoughts today. The loss of control is hard on me but I just keep pushing. I sit down and cry and deal with whatever set the tears in motion. I am thankful to God that I have the meds he has had the DR give me to keep me stable. I know in times when things are stressed and overwheling my brain just squeezes out and takes are at least trys to take control. I fight it and ussually win. I give in to every so often cause a good cry is just what I need sometimes! Thanks for listening! I enter here as a journal sometimes like this to eleviate some of the stress. Andrew is doing well and writing us lots of letters! He will be home in about 2 weeks on Dec. 20th!! Countdown just 16 days!! YEA!!! My Christmas shopping is ALL done!!! It helps for me to put down the happy things to get me back up! I have my Christmas card nearly done and ready to send! We got our first Christmas card today! Have a great night!! Bye!

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