Saturday, March 29, 2008

Getting ready to go to Hawaii

WOW I am so excited to be going to Maui for a week. Jennifer and I leave on Tuesday morning! We will fly out of Nashville to Las Vegas and on to Maui. I have most of my clothes packed and ready to go. I still have the personal every day items to pack and odds and ends. I have done the laundery and am just ready to get there! I am ready for some nice consistent warm weather too! I am very excited to see my Aunt and Uncle also. They were like my second parents when I was growning up so we are very close! I have not seen thiem in a long time. I know we will have a great time with them seeing all the sites. I got two new suitcases for this trip. They are lavendar and will be easy to spot at the luggage pick up. I got them on sale at Sears for a great price! I love the lavendar color of them. Anyway I am ready to go and will tell you all about the trip when I get back!


joan said...

Oh Wow! I knew you had a trip coming up but didn't know it was so soon. Have a wonderful time and enjoy your family time abundantly!!

"Talk" to you when you get back!

Pat said...

I am glad you are home. We missed you!!

joan said...

Waiting to hear about Hawaii!! Sounds like your trip back was terrible. I'm sorry. But so happy that you had a wonderful time whle you were there!