Monday, March 24, 2008

He is not here, He has Risen

What a beautiful Spring Day we had for Easter! It was cool as Easter did come early this year! However, the sun was shining brightly in thw beautiful blue sky! We all got up and I made waffles, eggs, bacon and sausage for breakfast. we then went to church as we normally do on any Sunday monring! Al and I enjoyed our one year old nursery and took lots of pictures of our little ones in there Easter best. We had a wonderful worship service to honor the KING OF KINGS because he died and rose for all of us so that we are saved from our sins and have eternal life with Him in heaven. If not for Jesus' horrible death on that cross we would not have reason to celebrate this wonderful Day! We then had Debbie and Criag (very good friends) over for lunch and to visit. The lunch menu was simple and consisted of ham, sweet potatoes, corn and rolls. We then had a relaxing afternoon and evening. Today we are back to our "normal" weekday routine! I hope that eveyone had a wonderful Reserrection Day yesterday!!!


joan said...

What cute little kiddos. I imagine you enjoy taking care of them a whole lot.

I like your new blog "face-lift". It looks really nice. (You did change the looks, didn't you?) If it is the same one you have had then just chalk it up to my poor memory!

Hope your week is going well. My daughter-in-law and my grandaughter just left after spending two days with me making cards, scrapbooking etc. My son and grandson are in New Orleans helping with a building project.

So now the rest of the week is open and I'm looking forward to that!


joan said...

Me again--I read what "redheadmomo6boys" said about visiting my blog. I went to her site, but it doesn't seem she has a blog, however she has had lots of visitors....Do you know her and if so, do you know if she has a blog and if I've missed something on her face page?

I'm back checking to see if there is anything new here. It is hard to think of things to write about some times.

Today I wrote about my offiice!! How boring is that??

I have a couple of good ones in the works, but haven't got them all put together.

I'm planning to blog about my kids individually once in a while. I've been thinking those through in my mind--nothing on paper. I'm planning on telling about my cousins who served in Peru for almost 60 years. I don't know always, just what to write about.

Trust you are well--until next time.....