Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ready for spring!

Over the weekend the weather was beautiful 70+ and great. Then yesterday the weather changed and got cold and today we had snow flurries. Oh my the change of sesaons. I love Spring and am so ready to have warmer weather. I hope it gets here soon. I am going with my family to AZ next week. We are going to celebrate my Mom's 75th birthday. I can hardly wait to get out there in the warm weater. Looking forward to seeing my brother and sisters and there families too. We will see lots of friends too. I am also very excited to be seeing my Grandson while we are there too. Our Son and Daughter in law and Grandson will be there and we have not seen them in quite a while. Alexander turned 2 last month he is grwoing up so fast. Looking forward to a great trip!!!

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joan said...

Did you get my email?? Glad you can take a trip to the sunshine. I blogged about Srping also. I am waiting for it with an expectant heart.

Have a wonderful trip. Enjoy your family.